(Photo credit: 'Nature Cuts' Book)

Hello! My names Georgia, I'm 25 and I love cutting holes in paper. It's my passion! Along with tea drinking, cooking amazing vegan food (mainly cakes, because let's face it - everyone loves cake), and walking my adorable dog Millie. I work from my home situated in beautiful North Wales; It's where I create all of my papercuts, listen to indie and 80's music, and watch all the little sheep in the fields from my window.

I have always been a lover of everything nature inspired, hence the common floral theme of my art! Although, having grown up in London, I am partial to a bit of architecture and creating skylines too. I really hope you enjoy looking at my art, and if you'd like to see more, make sure to pop over to my instagram (www.instagram.com/georgialowpapercuts) and say hi! 




Georgia Low is a young professional papercut artist living in North Wales. She was born in 1994 in London, moving to Wales when her parents relocated. Although academic, she displayed artistic talent from childhood.


After her "A" levels, Georgia went to Chester University to study TV and radio production, but her real passion was art, and she began to dabble in papercutting. As she became more confident and proficient, friends asked her to create personalised pictures for them, and this was so successful she started to produce pieces to sell.


Georgia created her website and through this and social media began her successful career. She has sold work all over the world and has exhibited in Oslo, London, Chester and York. 

At least half of her work is commission based which include works for weddings, birthdays, proposals and births as well as family trees. Georgia has also been approached by companies for commercial projects which she enjoys as they present fresh challenges.