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Artificial Academy 2 Full Game Download




Plot In August 2016, a boy named "Junsu Saiki" got accepted into the school, Chichu University, alongside with all other students. Chichu University is modeled after Kouichi Kusumi High School, a well known all girls school. It is also hinted that Junsu and Haru are childhood friends. It's soon revealed that the school is a make-believe academy. It is made up of students and teachers who are all in a different sex. To fill up the faculty positions, the school's principal, the twins Kyoko and Himeko Kusumi, were brought in, plus the Vice Principal, Tamami Kusumi. Chichu University has a standardized testing system, a measure to make sure that all students are prepared to succeed in life. The test are filled with colorful and moody traps, intended to promote the use of sexuality in college. The school's mood boards are similar to those of a real-life high school. Kyoko and Himeko usually have a bickering relationship, with the latter always being seen as the evil twin. The school's students are divided into the students of the Kawabata department and the students of the Hisagi department. The Kawabata department is represented by Kyoko, while Hisagi is represented by Himeko. The story plays out as both of the twins go through training with the school's teachers. Before, Kyoko would often harass Himeko, but now she has been brought down to the students she constantly beats up. In order to keep Kyoko under control, she plays a big role in her future life. At one point, Himeko confronts Kyoko and tells her that she's been replaced as an evil twin. After hearing this, Kyoko's attitude changes and now she treats Himeko with respect. Kyoko is also enrolled in a makeup course, where she befriends Haru Akatsuka. To Kyoko's horror, the class has a professor who promotes sexual education. To top it off, she finds out that he is a former student of Chichu University, so she becomes angry at the professor and seeks revenge. Kyoko and Himeko meet up with other students to discuss how to stop the professor, but are still unsuccessful. In order to find another way to stop the professor, they try to use his method of teaching which is unorthodox. After attempting to convince the other students that the professor is the best for Ch



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Artificial Academy 2 Full Game Download
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